Brand Story:Why our factory's name is Longxin which's a word not related to the Beauty Industry. First of all, the Loong is  representative traditional cultures of China. The word "Loong" in chinese represents auspicious, which's a good symbol for company.Secondly, because the company's founder, Mr Song, was born in the Year of  Loong in China, we decided to start with the word "Long" when creating the brand name. "Xin"  is composed of three gold characters in Chinese, the reason we used "Xin" is  in ancient China, we had the word "Qianjin" which symbolizes wealth. In order to express his love for his three daughters, Mr Song quoted word "Xin", which means that he regards his daughter as precious as wealth. Moreover "Xin" in Chinese means warm and hapiness, which also express how much Mr Song loving his family.